Our offer of Allweyes AI boasts AI control with extraordinary efficiency.

OEM/ODM Service

Ticar is a best Aluminum box manufacturer, Customized size and design is available. Aluminum box  wall thickness from 0.7mm to 1.5mm according to customer’s request.

While providing high-quality service, we help customers make proposal and workable solutions to improve productivity, machines complement, model selection, production safety, staffing and so on, which helps us win appraises from our customers. Our after-sales service has gradually become a very important part of marketing of Ticar.

Numerical control cutting process

Ticar is equipped with computerized numerical controal system. No matter what size or shape the box, we can freely and accuratly cut the aluminum sheet. Furthermore, we are able to make and process the toolings for manufacturing by ourselves.

Aluminum box punching processs

Ticar uses hydraulic punching press machines to process holes on the aluminum box lid, body and bottom, before fastening different parts together with aluminum rivets.


The aluminum sheet is protected by transparent film from scratching and damage when processing.

Intro to Embossing and bending process

Embossing the aluminum sheet to make the profiles around the box body, in this way the aluminum box becomes stronger more stable.


Ticar has three embossing machines to make three different types of profile on the aluminum box body, for the clients to select freely.


Ticar has computerized numerical control bending machine to ensure a high standard bending process. Every part of the box including lid, body and bottom, arrives at the assembly line with accurate size and good quality.

High Quality Aluminum boxes assembly process

Ticar uses high quality spare parts for all aluminum products, develops a wide range of sizes for the aluminum boxes. With the anti-rust and strong box, you are making a safe choice in transport or storage work site.

Each member of the assembly team is intensively trained, with over ten years of experience. Quantity management is a process control instead of final result.

The safe lock are made of aluminum which is light and anti-rust, you don’t have to worry about it either indoors or outdoors.

The ergonomic handles are for comfort handling, fastened strongly on the box to ensure a 50kg loads.

During the assembly process, the semi-product is protected by a safe film from damage, until the packing process.

Logo stamping service

Ticar has focused on OEM service for over ten years, we have a tailored steel tooling for every single client who needs the aluminum box with company logo stamped on the box lid.

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