Ticar | Popular aluminium tool case company

Ticar | Popular aluminium tool case company

The product is suitable for being used in a variety of applications.

Ticar Alu Box - Dust and splash-water protection by replaceable, durable rubber gaskets in the frame profile

TICAR aluminum boxes can also be stacked among each other in different sizes, so storage space in the vehicle can be used optimally

Stable and lockable to protect the contents from theft

Waterproof (depending on the series, splashproof or up to a submersion depth of one meter)

UV resistant

More stable than plastic crates with the same dead weight

Recyclable,Sustainable due to long service life

Insensitive to heat and cold

Good appearance

Products Details

Relying on advanced technology, excellent production capabilities, and perfect service, Ticar takes the lead in the industry now and spreads our Ticar all over the world. Together with our products, our services are also supplied to be the highest-level. aluminium tool case We will do our best to serve customers throughout the whole process from product design, R&D, to delivery. Welcome to contact us for further information about our new product aluminium tool case or our company.Latest machining techniques are used in manufacturing Ticar .

Products Introduction

An aluminum storage box, also known as an aluminium tool box in some regions, is a versatile and durable solution for organizing, protecting, and transporting various items.

Product Advantages

1.Aluminum alloy 6061-T6/6063-T5 high quality scaffolds with foldable base and extention frames

2.Durable for the hobbyist or craftsman who needs to store items safely in the workshop or transport

3.Dust and splash-water protection by replaceable, durable rubber gaskets in the frame profile

4.Stackable to save space by aluminium corner design


Potential Uses:

Tool Storage: An aluminium storage box can effectively store and organize hand tools, power tools, and accessories in workshops, garages, or construction sites.

Outdoor Gear: Use the box to store camping equipment, fishing tackle, hunting gear, or outdoor supplies, providing protection from the elements.

Vehicle Storage: Install an aluminium storage box in a truck bed, trailer, or on an ATV to securely transport and store tools, tie-downs, emergency kits, or other items.

Industrial Applications: In industrial settings, aluminium storage boxes can house parts, components, safety equipment, or maintenance tools with the added benefit of durability in demanding environments.

Emergency and First Aid: Store emergency supplies, first aid kits, or survival gear in an aluminium box to ensure they remain protected and accessible when needed.


1.Can I use my brand on the box?

Of course we can handle this by making logo tooling.

2.What are aluminium storage box used for?

Aluminium storage boxes are commonly used for organizing, protecting, and transporting various items such as tools, equipment, outdoor gear, camping supplies, vehicle accessories, industrial components, and more.

3.Can aluminium storage boxes be locked?

Yes, TICAR aluminium storage boxes come with built-in locking mechanisms or provisions for adding padlocks to secure the contents. Key locks, combination locks, and padlock compatibility are common features for enhancing security.

4. Are aluminium storage boxes heavy?

Aluminium storage boxes are lightweight compared to alternatives such as steel boxes, making them easier to transport and maneuver. However, the weight can vary depending on the box's size, thickness of the aluminium, and additional features.

5. Can aluminium storage boxes be customized?

TICAR aluminium storage boxes offer customization options such as adjustable dividers, trays, or foam inserts to help organize and protect the items stored within. Additionally, users can often add accessories or modifications according to their specific needs.

About Ticar

Since 2006 Ticar has been offering clients from Europe and North America aluminum box and aluminum scaffold for high standard solution for logistics as well as construction. Ticar focuses on OEM and ODM manufacturing for a number of named brands, we use aluminum material which is light, stable, durable, corrosion resistant, reusable. Ticar has clients from different industries, such as transport, manufacturing, construction, trading, service, education, etc. Each of them can find the right product suitable for different business, as Ticar has spent over ten years in product design as well as efficiency improvement, resulting a wide product line covering dozens of models and sizes. Ticar's customers win a lot more than our quality and service even after many years which support them in their markets.


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