Custom aluminium tool case for sale Manufacturer | Ticar

Custom aluminium tool case for sale Manufacturer | Ticar

This product has covered a broad market segment.

Aluminum Box - Light, stable, anticorrosion, weathering and temperature resistant

Covering all of the popular sizes on the market, customer tailored size is also available.

Stackable to save space by aluminium corner design

Durable for the hobbyist or craftsman who needs to store items safely in the workshop or transport

Dust and splash-water protection by replaceable, durable rubber gaskets in the frame profile

Products Details

With strong R&D strength and production capabilities, Ticar now has become a professional manufacturer and reliable supplier in the industry. All our products including aluminium tool case are manufactured based on the strict quality management system and international standards. aluminium tool case Today, Ticar ranks the top as a professional and experienced supplier in the industry. We can design, develop, manufacture, and sell different series of products on our own combining the efforts and wisdom of all our staff. Also, we are responsible for offering a wide range of services for customers including technical support and prompt Q&A services. You may discover more about our new product aluminium tool case and our company by directly contacting us.This series of aluminium tool case combines the characteristics of and .

Product Introduction

The sturdy and lightweight transportation and storage solution with corners and a comprehensive range of accessories.

Sturdy aluminium universal box.

Profile-section joints fully welded.

High degree of resistance to corrosion thanks to stainless steel fittings.

Corner beads for additional dimensional stability.

Edge, lid and base profile frames made of fully welded aluminium sections for high stability.

Fasteners can be retrofitted with additional spring protection against bursting open.

Snap fasteners: can be secured with a plug lock, lead seals, protection against bursting open or a padlock (max. shackle thickness 6 mm).

Product Information


Our aluminium storage boxes and cases are made of high-quality aluminium. The aluminium transport boxes excel in terms of their protective features and durability. They are also sturdy, weather-resistant, rust-proof, stackable, easy to clean, hygienic and very lightweight compared with boxes made of other materials.

Aluminium Box Specification

Aluminium storage boxes have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the benefits that come with owning one. These boxes are versatile and can be used for various applications, including storing tools, equipment, and personal belongings. Moreover, aluminium storage boxes are durable, lightweight, and weatherproof, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Aluminium Box

● Quality, endurable aluminium box. 1.0 mm aluminium sheet material on all sizes, strength and durability by design.

● 11 standard available sizes, stackable within range, offering options for logistical packing, storage and transport.

● Aluminum profile safety spring handles with plastic molded grip.

● Stacking corners made from nylon/polyester and designed for temperatures between -40°C and +180°C are intended for even safer and economical storage.

● Toggle lock made from aluminium/stainless steel - 40mm wide. Corrosion resistant, prepared for cylinder lock, lead seal and padlock, up to shackle thickness 6 mm.

● Corrosion resistant hinges with hinge damage prevention.

● All-round beads and corner beads for additional dimensional stability depending on size.

● High-strength welded joints. Gap-free load-bearing dot welded overlap joint of the body sheet.

● EPDM sealing gasket in the upper rim for ingression protection against dust and water.

● All riveted joints with sealed blind rivets.

● 2 lid straps, 20mm wide, ends sealed to avoid fraying. Fastened with oversized-head rivets to prevent ripping out.

95-100° opening angle of the lid.

Removable protection foil on the lid to protect the box against scratches.


Products Highlights

One of the primary benefits of owning an aluminium storage box is that it is highly durable. Unlike plastic or wooden storage containers that can crack, rot, or get damaged easily, aluminium boxes are made to withstand tough conditions. They can resist dents, scratches, rust, and corrosion, making them a reliable storage solution for both commercial and personal use. This high level of durability ensures that you can use the box for extended periods without worrying about it getting damaged due to constant wear and tear.

Another advantage of aluminium storage boxes is that they are lightweight and easy to move around. This is a significant benefit, especially if you need to transport your box from one location to another. Being lightweight means that you can easily carry the box with you, ensuring that your items are always within reach. Furthermore, the lightweight nature of these boxes makes them ideal for storing heavy items as they do not add any extra weight, making transportation hassle-free.


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